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Is Psychology Right for You?

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What Can You Do With a Major in Psychology?

  • Counselor+
  • Rehabilitation worker
  • Corrections
  • Case worker
  • Behavioral health technician
  • Psychiatric social worker+
  • Psychotherapist+Development officer (fundraiser)
  • Medical case worker
  • Occupational therapist+
  • Rape crisis services
  • School counselor+
  • Sexual offenders program
  • Chemical dependency counselor
  • Research psychologist+
  • Employee relations assistant
  • Housing and student life coordinator
  • Organizational psychologist+
  • Marketing research
  • Human resources recruiter
  • Advertising agent
  • Employee relations assistant
  • Human resources training
  • Affirmative action officer
  • Community organization worker
  • Probation officer+
  • Mental health practitioner
  • Counselor in children’s services

    + Professions which require advanced degrees