Meet Abigail

Nov 6, 2020

Meet Abigail, UMD senior and communications assistant for the College of Education and Human Service Professions.

My name is Abigail Hefter and I am a CEHSP student communications assistant. I'm pursuing a political science major with a psychology minor. After graduation, my goal is to attend law school in order to protect some of the most vulnerable people in our society through work in criminal defense law.

As a child, I was often told that I should be a lawyer. In response, I rolled my eyes and laughed. For many years, I thought I would major in theatre and head off to Broadway shortly after. It was not until I got to UMD that I learned being a lawyer could be more than a boring desk job.

I have the UMD Mock Trial Team to thank for my success in college and my career aspirations. When I joined the team two years ago, I mostly hoped to make friends. Now, I am serving my second term as president and am anxiously awaiting admissions decisions from several law schools across the nation.

Through Mock Trial, I have learned more about leadership and friendship than in any other part of my life. I believe it is crucial to every student’s success at UMD to find what makes UMD feel like home for them. For me, that is the UMD Mock Trial Team.

Through my experience writing for CEHSP, I have found another passion: journalism. From the articles I have written with CEHSP, I have learned so much about the writing process.

I have also gained a new perspective on all of the amazing things our students and staff are capable of. I look forward to growing even more in my own writing skills and in my knowledge and admiration of the amazing CEHSP community.