Meet Brendon

Oct 14, 2021

Meet Brendon, UMD junior and social media assistant for the College of Education and Human Service Professions.

My name is Brendon Marti and I am a newly appointed social media assistant for the College of Education and Human Services Professions. I am majoring in Marketing and Graphic design at UMD. After graduation, I am hoping to travel for a bit and then work in a job relating to web design. I have worked with social media and design in the past for jobs, and I have found it quite enjoyable to be creative with photography, layouts, aesthetics, along with other supplementary pieces of the design process.

I grew up in Cloquet, Minnesota—not too far from Duluth. I decided to stay in the area for college because of how much I love the city of Duluth in addition to staying connected with my family and friends that I’ve known for so long. Once finished with college, I plan on moving from Minnesota to somewhere in the western part of the United States—somewhere with much warmer winters. Fortunately, I will be able to visit and come back, so this will still be my second home!

CEHSP’s core values directly align with mine—making this an immensely fulfilling as well as an enjoyable environment to be a part of. Having the opportunity to be creative is very important to me and is something I plan on always pursuing. I look forward to helping with social media along with any other related media outlets that I will have the chance to work with!