Fall 2020 - Faculty & Staff Accolades

Dec 17, 2020

Highlighting fall 2020 achievements of faculty and staff in the College of Education and Human Service Professions.


Bree Bussey, Professor Priscilla Day, and Karen Nichols published a paper, along with colleagues, in Child and Youth Service Review titled “The Center for Regional and Tribal Child Welfare Studies: Systems change through a relational Anishinaabe worldview.”

Assistant Professor Leah Cleeland, Assistant Professor Shawyn Domyancich-Lee, and Associate Professor Jennifer McCleary of the Department of Social Work published a paper in the Journal of Social Work Education titled "Comics in the Classroom: Teaching with Graphic Novels." The paper was about their experiences using graphic novels in social work classrooms as a way to help students understand concepts and practices related to diversity and social justice; working directly with clients, families, and groups; and social work theory.

Jessica Hanson, assistant professor of public health, worked with public health student Cassie Mohawk and a team of collaborators to publish an article in Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research. The manuscript was a commentary that outlined important considerations for addressing alcohol-exposed pregnancy prevention in Indigenous communities.

Viann Nguyen-Feng, assistant professor in the Department of Psychology, and colleagues published “Moderators of treatment efficacy in a randomized controlled trial of trauma-sensitive yoga as an adjunctive treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder” and “COVID in New York City, the Epicenter: A New York University Perspective and COVID in Duluth, the Bold North: A University of Minnesota Perspective” in Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy.

Daehyoung Lee, incoming assistant professor in the Department of Applied Human Sciences, and colleagues published “Usability Inquiry of a Gamified Behavior Change App for Increasing Physical Activity and Reducing Sedentary Behavior in Adults with and without Autism Spectrum Disorder” in Health Informatics Journal and “PuzzleWalk: A Theory-Driven Iterative Design Inquiry of a Mobile Game for Promoting Physical Activity in Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder” in PLoS ONE.

Estelle Simard, visiting faculty in the Department of Social Work, published “Critical Indigenous ways of knowing: Research, narratives, and self-actualisation” in the International Journal of Critical Indigenous Studies.

Ashley E. Thompson, associate professor in the Department of Psychology, and colleagues published “Assessing Implicit Associations with Consensual Non-monogamy Among U.S. Early Emerging Adults: An Application of the Single-Target Implicit Association Test” and “Exploring Variations in North American Adults’ Attitudes, Interest, Experience, and Outcomes Related to Mixed-Gender Threesomes: A Replication and Extension” in Archives of Sexual Behavior as well as “First, Best, Forbidden and Worst: Memorable Experiences of Intimate Kisses Among Heterosexual and Sexual Minority U.S. Adults” in Journal of Relationships Research.


Julie Ernst, professor in the Department of Applied Human Sciences, was just awarded a $7,500 grant to assess the impacts of nature-based early childhood programs on children's resiliency. She is the co-PI with David Sobel, who is the founder of place-based education theory.

Catherine Reich, assistant professor in the Department of Psychology, received the Norine Johnson Psychotherapy Research Grant for Early Career Psychologists, which includes a $10,000 award for her project, “Personal and Professional Characteristics of Effective Psychotherapists.”

Awards and Achievements

Wendy Anderson, associate professor and director of graduate studies for the Department of Social work, was named to the Duluth News Tribune's "20 under 40" list

Lisa Paulson, instructor in the Physical Education Teacher Education program, received the 2020 Carl Knutson School Health Education Award. This honor from the Minnesota Society of Health and Physical Educators recognizes outstanding services and contributions to school health education as exemplified by Dr. Carl Knutson, supervisor of health, physical education, and safety with the Minnesota Department of Education.

Suki Mozenter, assistant professor in the Department of Education, was selected to serve on the Diversity Committee for the Council for Exceptional Children's Division for Research (CEC DR). The committee’s task is "to increase awareness of how research helps us understand diversity and to integrate diversity considerations into the ways we design, carry out, and evaluate research in special education."


Shawyn Domyancich-Lee, assistant professor in the Department of Social Work, moderated a workshop at the St. Louis County Health and Human Service Conference in October titled "Our Own Voices, Our Own Stories: The Adult Korean Adoptee Experience." This was a panel of adult Korean adoptees sharing their stories of identity navigation and negotiation at the intersections of race, culture, and ethnicity.

Jessica Hanson, assistant professor of public health, presented at the Proof Alliance Annual Conference, which provides valuable support and prevention information on fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. The title of Hanson's presentation was “Alcohol-Exposed Pregnancy Prevention in Tribal Communities.”

David McCarthy, professor in the Department of Education, will deliver a 3-hour pre-conference keynote on technology for the summer 2021 Association of Teacher Educators national conference.

Daehyoung Lee, incoming assistant professor in the Department of Applied Human Sciences, and Instructors of Physical Education Teacher Education Lisa Paulson and Patty Wendinger presented at the Minnesota Adapted Physical Education conference on inclusive icebreaker activities and PuzzleWalk, a gamified mobile app for increasing physical activity in youth with autism spectrum disorder

Suki Mozenter, assistant professor in the Department of Education, will present at the upcoming conference for the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education (AACTE). The presentation is titled "Navigating institutional inequities and hierarchies in a research-practice partnership between a Black & Brown district and an elite PWI." The paper is a collaboration with Florencia Gómez Zaccarelli, assistant professor at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and reports on a partnership with a large, urban district.

Ladona Tornabene, associate professor in the Department of Applied Human Sciences, was invited by the Society for Public Health Education, a national professional organization, to coordinate and serve as one of three panelists on a live virtual event titled "The Necessity for Arts in Health."

Michael Young, assistant professor in the Department of Education, presented a paper, "State-Defined Literacy and Knowing Learners in Elementary Teaching," at the Literacy Research Association 70th Annual Conference. He also served on a panel presentation, "Academia 101: Navigating the Journey from Graduate Student to Professional."

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