Faculty spotlight: Keith Young

Jan 10, 2023

Meet Keith Young, an instructor in the Department of Psychology

When did you start at UMD? Why did you choose to work at UMD?

I started in August of 2012, so I'm in the middle of my 11th year as an instructor in the Department of Psychology at UMD. I chose to work at UMD so I could continue teaching undergraduates, for which I developed a strong passion while in my graduate program. I was also very interested in living in the Duluth area.

What do you like most about your job? 

I really enjoy interacting with students and helping to spark both their academic and (possibly) career interests. I am especially proud when students tell me that they enjoyed learning about topics in a course or that they now appreciate and understand statistics and research better. Finally, I am happy when I hear about former students of mine graduating and moving on to pursue their passions (whether in graduate school or a chosen career path). 

What is your research focus?

Being an instructor at UMD means that my main focus is on teaching, but I do enjoy continuing to conduct research with undergraduates. My main interests focus on hemispheric differences in the brain and how that impacts attention, emotion, and language processes.

Do you have any advice for students?

I always encourage students to be proactive in their educational experiences. Complete your degree(s) while ensuring that you take advantage of the array of different course options to help find your real passion and interests. Meet with faculty whose class(es) you enjoy and get their advice and assistance on things you can do to enrich your experience (ex: being a research assistant, finding community internships, and other opportunities). 

What do you like to do in your free time?

I enjoy being outside, especially with my significant other and our dog! It's fun to go out and take in all of the natural beauty we enjoy in the Twin Ports, whether it's going for a walk (in the woods or by Lake Superior), playing golf, or just lounging around in the backyard. In addition, we like to experience the area's dining out and entertainment options.

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