Student Spotlight: Linda Zheng

Feb 18, 2021

Meet Linda Zheng, a graduate student in the Department of Psychology.

Linda is in her first year of the Master of Arts in Psychological Science program (clinical counseling).

What do you like most about your major/minor program(s)? 

I enjoy the hands-on experiences that have allowed me to practice and develop my skills outside of the classroom setting. I am also very grateful for the research opportunities that have allowed me to further develop my skills and connect with others.

Why did you choose UMD? 

I chose UMD because of the research opportunities and small student-faculty ratio. I was also attracted to the location and natural beauty surrounding Duluth. 

What has been your most meaningful experience at UMD so far? 

My practicum experience has been very meaningful to me. I also enjoy being a graduate research mentor, working with undergraduate students, and being a part of their learning journey.

Can you tell us a little bit about your research experiences? 

I am a graduate research assistant and mentor in the Mind-Body Trauma Care lab. My Plan B/thesis-equivalent project focuses on early maladaptive schemas, coping responses, and abuse factors in children at a child advocacy center.

I am also involved in an ecological momentary assessment project examining leisure participation, well-being, trauma, and barriers in adults with autism. Additionally, my third project involves working with the Longitudinal Studies on Child Abuse and Neglect dataset.

I had the opportunity to present my research at the International Council of Psychologists conference last December and am planning to present at the American Psychological Association convention this August.

What advice do you have for incoming students?

Don't be afraid to seek out new and different opportunities and experiencesin school and in your personal life. You never know who you might meet and what you might learn along the way.

What do you like to do in your free time? 

Some things I enjoy doing in my free time include spending time outdoors, reading, cooking, meditation, and creating various mediums of art.