CSD Policies on COVID-19

LATEST POLICIES Related to COVID-19 - March 12. 2020

Students returning from International and High-Risk Travel Areas

  • For students returning from a site with a high incidence of COVID-19, consider self-isolation for 7-10 days to make certain they are asymptomatic. Of course, if they show any symptoms they should not be near clients, neither placements nor the clinic.
  • For students returning from CDC level 3 countries (Italy, Korea, and China), they should absolutely self-isolate for two weeks. For the rest, I'd advise some caution, it's good to be safe regardless.

Student Research, Meetings (advising, UROP, independent study, Plan B Projects) & Graduate Oral Exams

UROP & Independent Study

  • There is no expectation that student collect data during the period of off-campus-only course delivery. If student is collecting data online anyway you may continue to do so if you choose.
  • If the Showcase case is cancelled student may be asked to submit a digital poster based on the work that you have completed.
  • If student has not begun data collection and are not graduating this Spring let Scott Carlson know.
  • If student has not begun collecting data and you are graduating this Semester digital poster and report can be about the rationale for student's study, methods and hypotheses.
  • At this point, the plan is for students and faculty to submit final paperwork as per usual based on the work completed

Student Employees

  • Students who feel like they can come back to work and who have NOT traveled beyond Minnesota during the break ought to be utilized as appropriate;
  • Encourage student employees who have traveled further afield and thus have a higher risk potential to self-isolate. However, you may exercise prudent discretion on a case by case basis.
  • Students who are not vital to the operation, in either condition 1 or 2, you may also consider restricting.

709 Services

  • Continue to provide services until and unless the University of Minnesota determines campuses will be closed.