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MDE Educator Licensing 

Licensing PowerPoint (February 2016 MACTE)

New Application Fees (Effective July 1, 2015)

  • Online first time application:  $93.45
  • First time paper application:  $91.75
  • Online renewal fee:  $58.70
  • Adding a field to an existing license or moving from a limited license to a full time license:  $57.00

Transcripts Required for all programs (Effective March 1, 2015)

In order to reduce the need for email communication regarding individual applications, licensure officers will need to provide official or unofficial copies of all transcripts that relate to the completion of licensure course work, for each Minnesota licensure application.

Field Placement Documentation and Licensing (Effective July 1, 2015):

Effective July 1, 2015, licensure certification officers should begin filling out the student teaching/practicum experience portion of the Licensure Verification form.  Although always a part of the form itself, this section has not been required for MN approved licensure programs in the recent past, though this information is needed for the applicants licensure file.  Many institutions have always included this information, but for some this will seem to be a new process.  (Per Minnesota Rule 8700.7600 subpart 3.C.1 -3)

Fields on the license application:

Student teaching/Practicum/Internship experience (If recommendation is for special education,, include specific categories, ages/grades and severity - mild-moderate-severe - of students taught.  Licensure issuance may be delayed without this information.)

School/District Subject/Licensure Field(s)Grade Level(s)Date Ranges

New addition to licensing process...Licensure Verification worksheet:  click here to view the worksheet

Students are now required to submit a licensure verification worksheet along with their licensure materials where they will indicate the following:

  • Test Scores
  • Field Placement Experiences (in blocks  practicum & student teaching)
  • Date EdTPA submitted

This process was created to help speed up the licensure process where the licensure officer will verify all of the information entered and have a documented record to be Imaged with the candidates license application.