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Teacher Licensure Testing Options

MTLE Resource Website:  z.umn.edu/mtle

6/7/2017 BOT Testing Updates:

Changes to the test preparation materials for the Essential Academic Skills exam and MTLE will be rolling out beginning this week and will continue over the course of the next 9 months

  • Free practice exams with answers will be available to candidates online.  Throughout the course of the next several months, more questions will be added to the exams in addition to adding rationales for each answer. These will begin for high incidence fields first and we expect them to all be completed by March ’18.
  • June 20th, new mini interactive practice exams for the NES EAS will also be available for purchase.  Each practice exam will have 20 questions and will behave much the same as the real exam but with no time limits. 
  • Please remember that your programs can also assist students in preparing for exams and in focusing opportunities for remediation once their exam results have been received. The  “mapping my courses” feature available on the MTLE website allows users to map the test frameworks to the relevant coursework provided within the program to ensure clear direction for study needs.  You will find the materials here:

MTLE Reference Handout

Exams required by program:

Testing updates:

  • ACT PLUS Writing and SAT: 10 year limit removed, scores accepted indefinitely
  • Praxis I: (if a candidate took the Praxis I prior to September 1, 2010) the passing Reading, Writing, and Math scores will be accepted indefinitely. The Board of Teaching has removed the December 31, 2015 deadline.
  • MTLE Basic Skills Exam:  June 8, 2016 was the last day that the MTLE Basic Skills Exam (reading, writing, and math) will be accepted for licensure.
  • MTLE (MN) NES Essential Academic Skills Exam will be offered starting August 28, 2016 this version of the exam will give candidates an extra 15 minutes per subtest
  • If students are registered for the Multi-State NES Essential Academic Skills exam after August 28, 2016 the board of teaching will accept the scores for the purpose of licensing.  But, UMD and the MDE Educator Licensing will not receive a copy of the Multi-State NES scores automatically so the students will need to provide a copy at the point of licensure for MDE Educator Licensing and also email Lisa Kittelson, lkittels@d.umn.edu a copy of the scores so she can add it to our system.

Registration for the MTLE NES Essential Academic Skills Exam (MN Version):

  • Note:  if students Google Search NES Essential Academic Skills exam and it will pull up the multi-state version of the exam and this will not give our students the extra 15 minutes.  Be sure they are using the above MN Link to ensure they are registering for the MN Version so they are able to receive the extra 15 minutes.

 Where can students find their SAT Scores?

  • Students can go onto the SAT website and access their score report to see what their Reading, Writing, and Math Scores.
  • Go online to: z.umn.edu/getsatscore

If student has forgotten username or password use links

Where can students find their ACT Scores?

  • Students can go onto the ACT website and access their score report to see what their Composite and English/Writing Scores were.
  • Go online to: z.umn.edu/getactscore
  • If student has forgotten username or password use links

Where can students find their MTLE Scores?

It is very IMPORTANT for students to download the .pdf score report and have students also save it to their Google Drive or email it to themselves.  Score reports released August 30, 2016, or later are available for 2 years in your account (scores released prior to that date were available for 45 days).  If it isn’t downloaded during the window you will need to pay $10 per copy and complete this form:  Score Report Request Form

  • This score report is required for block application submission and occasionally for licensure if the candidate does not put UMD down as a recipient of their scores.

NES Essential Academic Scores Reports