Step-by-step guide – Updated August, 2019

 Where to start:

  1. Complete the electronic CEHSP Travel Request form to request funding for your trip.  Go to, click on ‘T’ for Travel, and then click on ‘Education’ to begin your request.  

  2. Once you have received a confirmation email on your travel request (from Shelley if Dept. funding only or Shawn Hubert if Dean and Dept funding), you may begin to make your travel plans.  If you have not received an approval email and you need to start making travel arrangements, be sure to talk to Shelley on how to proceed.  PLAN AHEAD so you don’t get caught without enough time for everything to process!

  3. If you have the new University Travel Card, you must make your own pre-travel purchases.  Once purchased, the receipt will automatically load into ChromeRiver within about a week.  Keep in mind you need to reconcile your purchases in ChromeRiver within 60 days of the purchase – no matter if you have traveled yet or not.  

If you do not have the University Travel Card, you can purchase airfare and conference registration fees yourself and do a reimbursement in ChromeRiver for them (quickest process), or fill out the Department of Education Purchasing Request Form,, and turn it in to Shelley for approval on the purchase through the Dept. (same procedure as before). 

Logging into ChromeRiver is easy!  From your portal page, click on the Key Links tab across the top of the page, select UTravel, and then open the Chrome River Login on the right side of the page.

Once you have traveled:

You must complete your own travel expense reimbursement in ChromeRiver whether you have a University Travel Card or not.  This must be done within 60 days of the last day of travel. Be sure to leave enough time for the reimbursement to get approved and through the system in that 60 day window.  

Before you begin a travel expense reimbursement request in ChromeRiver – get organized!

  1. Email Shelley to let her know you are ready to do a reimbursement and what it will be for.  She will send you a reply with the budget number(s)—known as an “allocation” in ChromeRiver--and the amount of money you have available for the reimbursement. You cannot complete your reimbursement without this information. Be sure to email Shelley with enough advance notice so you can complete the reimbursement within your 30 or 60 day window.

  2. Upload your receipts onto your computer.  It is easiest to add your receipt as an attachment from your computer directly into ChromeRiver when you start doing your reimbursement.  OR, you can upload your receipts in advance of doing your reimbursement directly into ChromeRiver using  This takes 20-30 minutes for them to appear once uploaded. 

  3. Make sure you have your complete justification for travel, travel dates, and all of your expenses identified and in front of you as it is easiest if you can sit down and complete the travel reimbursement all at once.  Have an idea of what your reimbursement total should look like to be able to double check that everything is correct. If it helps to use the old Employee Expense Reimbursement Worksheet to gather your information, you can find it here:

Once you have done steps 1, 2 and 3 in the ‘Once you have traveled’ section, set aside time to do your reimbursement in ChromeRiver so you are not rushed.   The first time through you will likely need help with your reimbursement. Send an email to Shelley to request an appointment in order to process it together.  You will need to complete the reimbursement on your own University device (computer, laptop, etc) so it recognizes you and can find your receipts.

When you have made sure your reimbursement is complete, hit submit.  It will automatically route to Shelley for review and then to Jane for approval.  If there are missing items or errors in the reimbursement, it will need to be sent back to you for correction.  The traveler is the only person that can make corrections to the reimbursement request. 

When the reimbursement is approved, it routes electronically through the University system.  You will receive your reimbursement in approximately 48 hours once it has been fully approved.