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Successful completion of the B.A.Sc from UMD's Integrated Elementary and Special Education (IESE) major qualifies students to apply for state licensure to teach K-6 elementary education and K-12 Academic and Behavioral Strategist (special education in the areas of learning disabilities and emotional behavior disorders). The major also provides a good foundation for programs leading to licensure as an elementary principal or school counselor, employment in public and private schools as well as correctional settings, human service agencies, hospital-based settings and private practice.

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Field Placement Requirements for MN State Licensure:

LicensePre-Block VolunteeringBlock 1 PracticumBlock 2 PracticumBlock 3 PracticumBlock 4 PracticumBlock 5 PracticumMN State Requirement in statute

K-6 Elementary Education

K-12 Special Education:  Academic Behavioral Strategist

Minimum 60 hours experience including a classroom setting and diverse experiencePracticum 8 hrs/wk for 7 wks+ 5 wks full time = 256 hrs K-6 General Education (ElEd candidates will have a primary and intemediate level placement) Practicum 1 day per week for 16 weeks 5 weeks full time K-8 Special EducationPracticum 8 hrs/wk for 7 wks+ 5 wks full time = 256 hrs K-6 General Education (ElEd candidates will have a primary and intermediate level placement) Student Teaching 16 weeks K-6 General EducationStudent Teaching 10 weeks 9-12 Special Education

Elementary Education:  Must have field experience in primary (Grades K-3) & intermediate elementary (Grades 4-6) levels through the combination of field placements and student teaching.

Special Education:  Academic Behavioral Strategist:  Must have field experience in: primary (kindergarten through grade 4), middle level (grades 5 through 8), and secondary (grades 9 through 12, including transition programs) settings through the combination of field placements & student teaching.