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Early Childhood Studies Minor

Department of Education

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Early Childhood Studies Minor Overview

The Early Childhood Minor is intended to provide students with knowledge and skills designed to support scholarly and community based work with children and their caregivers. Our comprehensive approach to children's health and well-being is integrated throughout the courses, which draw from infant and early childhood mental health, and interpersonal neurobiology.  Throughout the minor, participants examine aspects of early caregiver-child relationships, the impact of early adverse experiences on brain development, the role of the stress response system, and the importance of protective factors in changing long-term developmental outcomes.


Required Core (14 cr)

ECH 2025Educating the Human Brain (3.0 cr)
ECH 3050Observing Early Relationships in Infants and Toddlers (4.0 cr)
SPED 3103Infants and Toddlers with Special Needs (4.0 cr)
SPED 3109Supporting Social/Emotional Development Birth-8 (3.0 cr)

Electives (6-8 cr)

  • Must take courses from at least two designators.
  • Take two or more courses totaling six or more credits from the following:
ECH 2015Literature for Young Children (3.0 cr)
CSD 3130Language Development and Disorders (4.0 cr)
HLTH 1100Health and Wellness Strategies for Life [LE CAT8, SUSTAIN] (3.0 cr)
HLTH 1470Human Nutrition [LE CAT5, NAT SCI] (3.0 cr)
HLTH 3341Encountering Death and Grief: A Cross-Cultural Journey [CDIVERSITY] (3.0 cr)
PSY 1003General Psychology [LE CAT6, SOC SCI] (4.0 cr)
PSY 2021Developmental Psychology [LE CAT6, LECD CAT06, SOC SCI, CDIVERSITY] (4.0 cr)
PSY 2023Marriages and Families Worldwide [LE CAT8, LEIP CAT08, GLOBAL PER] (4.0 cr)
SW 1000Introduction to Social Welfare [SOC SCI] (3.0 cr)
SW 1619Race, Class, and Gender in the United States [LE CAT8, LECD CAT08, SOC SCI, CDIVERSITY] (3.0 cr)
SW 4113Introduction to Child Welfare Practice (3.0 cr)

For more information see the University Catalog.