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Educational Administration

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The Education Administration Specialist (Ed.S.) Program is an applied degree program approved by the Minnesota Board of School Administrators (BOSA) for the licensing of principals and superintendents in Minnesota.

The mission of the program is to produce scholarly practitioners who can critically engage with the important questions in educational administration today. Our graduates articulate a clear vision of successful leadership and actively demonstrate a commitment to ensuring quality educational experiences for all teachers and students.

Please note that this program is no longer admitting new students. 

The principal’s license consists of a minimum of 35 credits:The superintendent's license consists of a minimum of 37 credits.
  • Core required courses = 22 credits
  • Principal specific courses = 6 credits
  • Portfolio and Intern credits = 7 credits
  • Core required courses = 22 credits
  • Superintendent specific courses = 6 credits
  • Portfolio and Intern credits = 7 credits
  • Field Experience credits= 2 credits

Core courses are delivered using a hybrid model of face-to-face and online delivery, depending on the nature of each course.  Students attend three face-to-face sessions per semester. This schedule shows the course rotation. 


UMD Graduate Program Goal Categories

The goals of this program are to help candidates:

  • Acquire greater content knowledge in administration at site and district levels.
  • Develop abilities for research in the field of educational administration.
  • Evolve a broadened professional background in areas related to systems, safety, assessment, and human interactions resulting in greater administrative acumen.
  • Increase levels of cultural competence.
  • Acquire Principal or Superintendent Licensure and an Ed.S. Degree. 

Questions? Please Contact: 

Brianne Vigen


Student Experience 

Carl Flanders | Ed.S. Principal | High School Counselor
On a personal level I feel more confident in general knowing I can tackle the challenges that leading a school brings. In turn, that has improved my work as a high school counselor in terms of knowing how our administration is working through the daily issues that we face as a school. I am better poised to help them implement various decisions and have a seat at the table when it comes to curriculum, master planning of the schedule, and building positive culture because of what I know from the Ed.S. program at UMD.

I am a UMD alumni but that fact alone was not going to be the sole factor in making my decision to join this particular program. There are similar programs all over the country and my situation was a bit different than the majority of my colleagues in the program. I live overseas while most of them lived in Minnesota. I was looking for a program that I felt could support my long-distance needs while also meeting the faculty at UMD halfway in terms of me being able to come to the campus annually in person. The wonderful folks in the department worked with me in terms of coordinating with professors so I could take part in all classes remotely using technology. Assistance was given in terms of linking with other key departments at UMD including finance and the bookstore. Several books had to be shipped thousands of miles and I used the online payment system. I had no problems with either. My hat is off to the fine folks at the Education Department, they took the extra time to help me make what has turned out to be a great decision to pursue and earn this specialist degree.