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Program applications for Fall 2017 admission are closed. If you are applying for Spring 2018 program admission, please check back in September for more information on how to apply. 

Major Admission

All students intending to enter the IESE major start out at UMD as a Pre-IESE student.  A Pre-IESE status simply means that the student is completing the necessary courses (liberal education, lower division, and some upper division) and making progress towards completing the admission to the IESE major “blocks” requirements.  Most students apply to the IESE Blocks during their sophomore spring or junior fall semester.  At this time students must meet the major requirements in order to be eligible. Once students meet the admission requirements, students then formally apply for admission into the major (i.e., to the “IESE Blocks”).  The blocks are a total of 5 semesters or 2.5 years.  Once admitted to the blocks students will be required to complete 3 rigorous semesters of a common core including courses in elementary and special education with an emphasis in assessment, management, content area subjects, and teaching strategies.  The final two semesters are student teaching in an elementary classroom setting and a special education setting.

Elementary and special education licensure requirements are established by the state of Minnesota and guided by national standards. Those requirements are changed periodically. For this reason, all IESE majors should maintain contact with their advisor as they advance through the program.

Selection of Candidates 

Acceptance into the Integrated Elementary Special Education Major is selective.  Students must meet all the admission requirements to be accepted into the Integrated Elementary Special Education major.  The number of students admitted to each cohort is limited in order to maintain a high quality program.  Applicants are selected according to their rank in the application process.

ALL essential components listed below must be completed correctly and submitted on time in order for the application to be accepted.  ADMISSION TO THE MAJOR APPLICATIONS ARE DUE THE SIXTH FRIDAY OF EACH SEMESTER, AT 4 P.M., FOR THE FOLLOWING SEMESTER.

Selection Criteria

  1. Declared Teacher Education Major
  2. 2.7 Cumulative GPA
  3. 2.7 Integrated Elementary Special Education Major GPA
  4. Basic Skills Exam Option:  Taken the NES Essential Academic Skills, ACT Plus Writing, SAT, MTLE (prior to 6/9/2016) OR Praxis (prior to 9/1/2010)  [Required scores]
  5. 3 Reference forms
  6. Professional Statement
  7. Complete your application to the program into TK20 by the due date.

Each of the above criteria is rated on a scale of 1 (low) to 5 (high).  Candidates are ranked according to their total score.  The 30 top candidates are admitted to the major each semester.


Application Components to be uploaded into TK20

In order to better prepare for your application completion we strongly recommend that you collect these documents as soon as possible.  All documents must be in electronic format  (.pdf, .doc/.docx, .jpg, .png).  The Multi Media Hub in the library can assist with scanning physical documents into a digital format.   When the application period opens, you will then be able to upload these files into your application.

APAS Report or Post Post Bac Contract

  • APAS Report
    • Click here for instructions on how to download the “printer friendly report version”.pdf.  Instructions also guide you through using Adobe Reader’s highlight tool.  Use the highlight tool to indcate the following requirements on your APAS:
      • Cumulative GPA & Major GPA (must be a minimum 2.7)
      • Cumulative Credits (completed and in progress):  Must be a minimum of 60 credits
      • Lower Division Courses (grades must be C- or better)
        • ART 2810–Art for Elementary Education
        • ASL 2001-Beginning American Sign Language I
        • CSD 2230-Introduction to Human Communication Disorders
        • ECH 2025-Educating the Human Brain
        • EDUC 1000 – Human Development
        • EDUC 1101 – Education in Modern Society
        • IESE 1010 – Introduction to Elementary Education
        • IESE 2001–Diversity and Education Implications
        • MATH 1140 – Math for Elementary Education I
        • MATH 1142 – Math for Elementary Education II
      • Upper Division Courses (grades must be C- or better)
        • EDUC 2000 – Technology for Teaching and Learning
        • IESE 3331 – Children’s Literature in the Elementary School
        • HPER 3300 – Health & PE in the Elementary School
        • MU 3600 – Music in the Elementary Classroom
        • SPED 4433 – Foundations in Special Education
        • WRIT 3140 – Advanced Writing: Human Services
  • Post Bac Contract


Tentative Planner

  • Link to the Tentative Planner
  • Download the tentative planner and add the terms in which you plan to be in each block and any outstanding coursework remaining during the blocks.  Once completed, make sure to save the tentative planner.


Professional Statement

The Professional Statement is an essay written by you that is used to assess your values, dispositions, and commitments as a future teacher. More specifically, the Professional Statement provides the program faculty one avenue to determine whether your values, dispositions, and commitments align with beliefs and values articulated in the program and department conceptual framework, the college and university mission, and the standards of the profession. The essay is also a sample of your writing which program faculty can assess in light of the expectations for the teaching profession.   Thus, the essay will be evaluated in two ways: 1) as a sample of your writing; 2) for the content in response to the prompts provided.

Your Professional Statement should be an essay 300-400 words in length, adhering to APA format for academic writing.  To assist you in composing your Professional Statement, respond to the prompts listed below (not necessarily in the order given). Do not address the prompts as a checklist; take the time to thoughtfully compose your statement in whatever manner best articulates who you are and why you aspire to become a teacher.

Prompts for Professional Statement:

  • Describe your experiences with children/youth and how those experiences have influenced your desire to be a teacher.
  • Describe experience, qualities, and/or abilities you possess that you consider to be assets to becoming a teacher.
  • Explain the significance of diversity for an educator and what it means to teach all learners.
  • Explain your understanding of the relationship between social justice and education.
  • Explain what you believe is one imperative regarding the education of children/youth in today’s society.


3 Recommendations Forms

  • Recommendation Form
  • Students are required to get a minimum of 3 recommendation forms completed documenting a minimum of 60 hours of experience with children aged K-Grade 6.  Reference must include:
  • At least one person who has supervised work with children and at least one reference related to working with children in a diverse setting (diversity settings include: cultural, ethnic, socioeconomic, special needs, etc).
  • At least one within the last two years.
  • At least one classroom setting

References from non-educational settings (college faculty, babysitting, nanny positions, and/or references from relatives) will receive lower points in the assessment process. 


Test score report

You are required to upload your official score report that you were emailed showing evidence of having taken your Basic Skills Exam option.

Accessing Scores

    • MTLE taken before 6/9/2016 would have been emailed to you in a .pdf report or is accessible in your online account at MTLE,
    • NES Essential academic skills taken 6/9/2016 to the present would have been emailed to you in a .pdf report or is accessible in your online account at NES
    • ACT PLUS Writing: go online
    • SAT:  Get scores
    • Praxis I (prior to 9/1/2010):  official score report mailed to student.


Advisor Checklist

Prior to submitting your application, you must meet with your faculty advisor to review your application.  During this meeting your advisor will review your application in Tk20 and complete their review form to confirm that you are eligible to apply to the blocks.

Major Contact Information

Jean Stevenson
Major Contact - Elementary Education
121 EDUE

Dr. Gerry Nierengarten 
Major Contact - Special Education
136 EDUE
218 726 7606