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Master of Education Mission & Vision

Department of Education

Master of Education Program Vision

The Master of Education is a highly flexible, facile and mobile degree that is responsive to the needs of the university and the communities served. As its constituencies evolve, the staff and faculty will collaborate within and across programs and colleges to create and facilitate quality, rigorous programming and curriculum that remain steadfast to our mission but continuously reflect the needs of the campus, the system and the region.

Master of Education Mission

The Master of Education is a professional development degree for educational scholars, which includes teachers and professionals with leadership or training roles in health sciences, social services, academic areas across higher education and Pre-K to 12, community education, and business or industry.  Professional development is achieved through critical reflection, theoretical investigation, and application of theory and research to practice in communities.  The curriculum is based on the roles that educational scholars play as teachers, leaders, and change agents in formal, non-formal, and community-based settings. 

Student Learning Goals for the Program

UMD Master of Education Learners will:

  •  Develop critical analytical skills of reading, interpreting and applying scholarship in the field of education to demonstrate foundational knowledge on the field, inclusive of divergent paradigms and (re)construct just curriculum in divergent contexts.
  • Demonstrate competence in evaluating and conducting research and scholarship in education.
  • Communicate effectively with multiple constituencies.
  • Gain skills in collaboration and in leadership.
  • Gain understanding of how where we are from, and who we think we are shapes what is focused on and what is left out of educational endeavors.

Student Experience

Sarah Butler  Sarah Butler | M.Ed. | Financial Empowerment Educator 
The program has given me the space and support to explore the topics in education that I've always been curious about. As a cis white person with privilege, I have gained tools to understand the issues that marginalized communities live through in education. Read More