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Evaluation Process

Department of Education

Evaluation Deadlines

We must receive your request for evaluation (and all application materials) by the deadline in order to be able to process all paperwork for the term indicated.

      • Summer term ‐ April 18 of the prior spring semester
      • Fall semester ‐ May 1 of the prior fall semester
      • Spring Semester ‐ October 15 of the prior fall semester.


Complete the request for evaluation (Word file) and submit it, along with:

      • A check or money order for a $31 non‐refundable processing fee for EACH licensure area to be evaluated, payable to UMD.
      • Official transcript(s) from all colleges you have attended.
        • Transcript must show four‐year degree and overall GPA.
      • Resume documenting educational experiences
      • A legible photocopy of your teaching license, if you have one.
      • A SELF EVALUATION of educational experience. Print the requirements .pdf document for the license(s) you are seeking evaluation. Compare your transcript(s) to the requirements and indicate in the “Notes” column the course you propose will meet each requirement and the institution where the course was taken at.
        • You can utilize UMD Course Descriptions as you perform your self evaluation
        • EXAMPLE: All programs require Educ 1101, Education in Modern Society. You may have a course titled Foundations of American Education (EDUC 101) that matches the content of the UMD course. Write the number of the course you took in the notes column (Example: EDUC 101) and the institution you took it at under institution.
    • Mail the following to the CEHSP Accreditation Office [CEHSP Accreditation Office, 125 Bohannon Hall, 1207 Ordean Court, Duluth, MN 55812]
      • Request for Evaluation
      • Check or Money Order Payable to UMD for $31 per licensure area evaluated
      • Official Transcript(s) in sealed envelopes
        • Note: Bachelors degree must be posted to transcript
      • Resume documenting experience
      • Self‐Evaluation


Request for evaluation documentation will be forwarded to the faculty content area expert for official evaluation. This process can take up to three weeks.


A final evaluation will come back with coursework that you are required to complete in order to meet licensure requirements. The results will be mailed to you; you must sign and return the contract if you decide to pursue the licensure program.