Policy and Procedures

Admission to Blocks

A signed post baccalaureate contract does not guarantee admission to the program that leads to the license you are seeking. Upon the completion of lower division coursework and additional requirements, (which includes work with students and completion of the basic skills tests) an application to the program can be submitted.

Licensure Recommendation and UMD Enrollment Requirements

  • Post baccalaureate candidates seeking initial licensure must complete a minimum of 18 credits of professional education at UMD, including a semester of student teaching, in order to be recommended for licensure by UMD.

MTLE Testing Requirements

Out of State Licensure Recommendation

  • Out‐of‐state teaching license applicants requesting Minnesota teaching licensing requirements ‐ if you received a letter from the Minnesota Professional Educators and Licensing and Standards Board, please attach this letter with your post baccalaureate evaluation request. A minimum of 3 credits of student teaching to allow for evaluation by UMD faculty is required.

MN Professional Educators and Licensing and Standards Board Program Approval

  • The University of Minnesota Duluth is required to complete a program review process with the MN Professional Educators and Licensing and Standards Board every two years. UMD reserves the right to modify a signed post baccalaureate contract if licensure requirements must be added to meet state‐mandated standards.