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One Year Standard License

A one year standard license can be issued to applicants who have completed a Minnesota approved teacher preparation program, have attempted all testing requirements but did not pass one or more of the required tests. Students will then have an opportunity to continue attempting passing the required testing exams, once all exams are passed they will work with MDE Educator Licensing to renew their license to transition from a one year license to the five year full time license.

The one year standard license can be granted a maximum of four times. 

The license requires initial recommendation from UMD and then renewal through MDE Educator licensing once the testing requirements are met.

To qualify for this license you must:

  • Submit your edTPA
  • Earn your degree
  • ATTEMPT ALL required Exams for your licensure area
  • Submit your exit survey online and your licensing agreement worksheet

How to Apply:

Apply for your teaching license online at MDE Educator Licensing:

Apply online at:  MDE Online Licensing and Click on Online Licensing System
NOTE:  for your license type choose full professional license.

Recommendation for Licensure:

A completed license application packet includes:

  • Checklist/Cover-page (printed from MDE Educator Licensing online application)-indicate Licensure Field in blank field
  • Verification of Completion of Program form (printed from MDE Educator Licensing online application)-add UMD Student ID number to the top [Add a sticky note and indicate 1 year standard license]
  • License verification worksheet - be sure to indicate date edTPA submitted, date exit survey submitted and sign to release transcripts to the MDE Educator Licensing/MN PELSB.
  • License Agreement Document - review each area and initial & sign and date the document
  • Have submitted UMD Education Exit Survey online
  • Fingerprint card with fingerprints & demographic information completed in Black Ink

All licensure materials need to be mailed to:

UMD Accreditation
1207 Ordean Court
125 Bohannon Hall
Duluth, MN 55812


  • Can be done for up to 4 times
  • Renewal is done directly with MDE Education Licensing Renewal.
  • Once MTLE exams are passed your license will automatically transition from the one year standard to the full time professional license (5 year) when you renew your license through MDE Educator Licensing.