License Outside of Minnesota

Out of State Licensing

UMD Licensing strongly recommends that you apply for the Minnesota teaching license as soon as you complete the program (including all licensure requirements: coursework, student teaching and MTLE tests) even if you don't want to teach right away or if you plan to teach in another state.  If you choose to apply for the Minnesota license later on, you will have to complete all of the requirements at the time of application. These requirements may be more extensive than the ones in place right now (for example, additional coursework, testing, or other requirements).  Apply for the teaching license through the educator licensing board of the state in which you wish to teach. Each state has a unique set of instructions and forms, which you will complete for that state's teacher license.  Complete the application form and provide all requested materials. Note that many states require the use of their own fingerprint card and will conduct their own criminal background check. States often require you to pass their specific licensure examinations (in addition to MTLE exams) and sometimes additional coursework.  Many states will require an Institutional Verification Form. If the state requires this form, they will provide it as part of their application process. Please verify that all of your Minnesota licensure requirements are completed (coursework, edTPA, student teaching, and MTLE tests) before submitting an institutional verification form to the CEHSP Accreditation Office. Please also include your student id number on the top right hand corner of the Institutional Verification form.

You will need to submit the Institutional Verification form to

UMD CEHSP Accreditation
Attn: Licensing
125 Bohannon Hall
1207 Ordean Court
Duluth, MN 55812
The Licensure Officer will complete the verification form and mail it to that state's licensing board or directly to student's address listed on the form depending what the form indicates.


Out of State Licensing
edTPA Requirements

edTPA:  since MN is a non-consequential edTPA state (a cut score isn't required), you must meet the Wisconsin set cut scores below based on the handbook that you complete in Minnesota.

The state superintendent made the following policy for candidates who were prepared outside the state of Wisconsin and completed their initial educator preparation program on or after September 1, 2016:

“An out-of-state applicant with less than one year of teaching experience of at least one-half time employment in a PK-12, private, or charter school (not a tutoring site), must post a passing score on the edTPA effective September 1, 2016. If a candidate completed an edTPA as part of an educator preparation program in another state and received a passing score in that state, Wisconsin will honor the score as passing in Wisconsin. If the other state has not established a threshold for passing, the individual will need to meet the cut score established for Wisconsin.”

The cut scores that have been established for Wisconsin are:

  • 38 for edTPA handbooks with 15 rubrics
  • 32 for edTPA handbooks with 13 rubrics
  • 45 for edTPA handbooks with 18 rubrics

Teacher Licensure Testing

Educators completing a program after August 31, 2004 is required to complete Praxis II content exam.  Since you are prepared out of state you are not required to take the Wisconsin Praxis II exam(s) if you have met one of the below items:

  • A content test taken and passed for initial licensure in another state may be used in place of Wisconsin's content tests for the out-of-state application.
  • If an applicant has not taken a content test for initial licensure in another state, in lieu of Wisconsin's content exam a GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale in the subject area or position of the licensure program may be substituted.