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NES Essential Academic Skills Exam Test Preparation

Department of Education

MN NES Essential Academic Skills Exam Preparation

STEP 1:  Review the MTLE NES materials online

The MN NES Preparation (click on Prepare in top toolbar) Website

Prepare for your certification exam:

Exam Content Preparation

STEP 2:  Review Preparation Materials from other states:

While there are no free materials available that align specifically to the MTLE Basic Skills tests, similar competencies are required in other states. Reviewing those study guides can be helpful to you as you are preparing for the MN MTLE Exams. But please remember that they are not designed specifically to meet Minnesota's standards.

STEP 3: Refresh on Reading, Writing and Math Knowledge

  • Learning Express Library: Great place to learn, review, and practice reading,writing, and math skills at an elementary, high school and college level. Note: In order to utilize the learning express library you will need a Duluth Public Library card. You can obtain one by going to the Duluth Public Library (520 West Superior Street, Duluth, MN, 55802) and bringing your UCard and driver's license.
    • Follow this link to the Duluth Public Library's Databases A­Z page, and scroll down to learning express library OR click on search for "L" and click on Learning Express Library.
    • Log­in
    • Enter your 14 digit library card number (found on the back side under the barcode)
    • Create an account by clicking on Register
    • Click on your area of review (College Students)
  • Praxis Review Materials: Praxis has some excellent review books that will help you refresh on reading, writing, and math content. Do not focus a lot of time on the practice exams in these books, but the chapter review sections have great information. Reminder, you must take the MTLE exams not Praxis exams.
  • Consider taking a MOOC on your area of weakness
    • Type in your subject of struggle (Example: English Grammar)