NES Essential Academic Skills Exam Test Preparation

MN NES Essential Academic Skills Exam Preparation

STEP 1:  Review the MTLE NES materials online

The MN NES Preparation Website (click on Prepare in top toolbar)

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Exam Content Preparation

STEP 2: Refresh on Reading, Writing and Math Knowledge

  • Learning Express Library: Great place to learn, review, and practice reading,writing, and math skills at an elementary, high school and college level. Note: In order to utilize the learning express library you will need a Duluth Public Library card. You can obtain one by going to the Duluth Public Library (520 West Superior Street, Duluth, MN, 55802) and bringing your UCard and driver's license.
    • Visit the Duluth Public Library's Databases A­Z page, and scroll down to learning express library OR click on search for "L" and click on Learning Express Library.
    • Log­in
    • Enter your 14 digit library card number (found on the back side under the barcode)
    • Create an account by clicking on Register
    • Click on your area of review (College Students)
  • Praxis Review Materials: Praxis has some excellent review books that will help you refresh on reading, writing, and math content. Do not focus a lot of time on the practice exams in these books, but the chapter review sections have great information. Reminder, you must take the MTLE exams not Praxis exams.
  • Consider taking a MOOC on your area of weakness
    • Type in your subject of struggle (Example: English Grammar)