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UMD is offering a new positive psychology course for its first-year students.

Meet Abigail, UMD senior and communications assistant for the College of Education and Human Service Professions.

A UMD researcher offers ways to cope with fear and anxiety about COVID-19.

Research suggests introverts are perceived and treated differently in the workplace.

Two prominent figures in psychology had a controversial discussion at UMD 58 years ago.

Examining the connection between the stress system response and decision making in heavy users of alcohol and online video games.

Associate Professor Ashley E. Thompson studies romantic relationships and sexuality. She has insight to share regarding keeping romance alive during the pandemic. 

The Twin Ports Undergraduate Psychology conference will go on as planned this week, though in a virtual format.

UMD expert provides tips for working from home, dealing with anxiety, staying active, and maintaining connections.

Study by Assistant Professor Rhea Owens and her colleagues has implications for college student success.