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10 Reasons to Apply to MAPS

10. Duluth gains “fringe-city status,” is deemed one of the top cities with running trails, and ranked in the top 10 outdoor towns by Outside Magazine.

9. Perched on Lake Superior and nestled between national forests, Duluth is picturesque during all four seasons.

8. Winter is (trust us) a lot of fun!

7. Duluth is home to a variety of organizations, which offers opportunities to conduct applied research and provide service for different populations.

6. There are numerous psychological treatment centers in the community, which offers  opportunities for students to gain real-life clinical experience.

5. We strive for a low student-to-faculty ratio.

4. We value, encourage, and support collegiality among our students and faculty.

3. We train students to be scientists and practitioners.

2. We offer training in psychological subfields that have been forecasted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics to have a positive employment outlook in the next 10 years.

1. Our faculty are vibrant, eclectic, and as excited about our new program as we hope you are!