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Former Child Welfare Scholars

Department of Social Work

Child Welfare Scholars upon exit of the program, must submit Job Search Documentation Forms, as well as Confirmation and Completion of Child Welfare Employment Forms during their employment payback obligation period. The forms are located below.

Scholars are encouraged to contact the Student Support Coordinator with questions regarding qualifying child welfare employment prior to accepting any child welfare position. After Scholars submit forms, you are considered to have an outstanding obligation unless you receive written confirmation from the Student Support Coordinator.

Three years post-exit from the Child Welfare Scholars Program, all Child Welfare Scholars are required to keep the Center apprised of their contact information. The Center may need to get in touch with Scholars from time to time. Please fill out the online Google Form when you have any change in address, phone number, or e-mail.

If at any time you have questions, please feel free to contact Amy Madsen at 218-726-7497 or


Frequently Asked Questions/Definitions