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BSW Admission & Application

Department of Social Work

When Do I Apply?

The priority deadline for admission into the Fall Cohort is February 15.  A secondary deadline for for new transfer students is August 1.  Students already admitted to UMD can still apply before the August 1 deadline, however program admission for these students is limited.  Students can anticipate a response to their application within 3 weeks of the deadline.

Admission to the program is competitive; early applications are strongly encouraged. Prospective transfer students must first be admitted to UMD (and have paid all fees) before applying to the BSW major and have transcripts submitted for review. To apply to UMD, please visit:

Students are welcome to contact the BSW Program Director to review eligibility before applying: Sandra van den Bosse at Please review eligibility and application requirements below.

  • Overall GPA of at least a 2.5 (including transfer-work)
  • Completion of at least 30 credits by the end of Spring Semester prior to beginning the BSW Program or completion of an AA degree. For transfer guides, please click here.
  • UST 1000: UMD Seminar (1)
  • Students must have completed the following pre-major courses prior to admission with a 'C' or better:
    • SW 1000: Introduction to Social Welfare (3)
      • Transfer students can enroll in SW 1000 during the summer or first semester of the BSW program.  This course may be an on-campus class.
    • PSY 1003: General Psychology (4)
    • SOC 1101: Introduction to Sociology (4)
    • BIOL 1001: Biology & Society (4) or PSY 2021: Developmental Psychology (4) or BIOL 1170: Human Biology
  • Students must also provide evidence of engagement in community service or (volunteer) work.  This Google Document has some ideas on where to volunteer.

Complete these required forms to apply:

Read our Frequently Asked Questions about the program and application process.

Application Form:  

  1. Download the Application to your computer.
  2. Change the file name to include your last name (e.g. Modin_bsw_application_2019.doc)
  3. Complete the application and save the file.
  4. To submit your application:
    • Login to Workflow Gen
    • Upload your completed application file by clicking 'Browse'
    • Click 'Add' (on the right)
    • Click 'Submit'

Volunteer/work Reference Form:

  1. Download the Volunteer Reference form to your computer.
  2. Change the file name for the file to include your last name (e.g. Modin_bsw_volunteer_reference2019.doc).
  3. Complete the first portion of the form and save the file.
  4. Email the form to your reference and ask them to complete it. When they've completed it, they will email it to the Social Work Department. The Social Work Department will NOT accept completed volunteer reference forms directly from the student; they must be submitted directly from the reference.

The BSW Director will notify applicants by email of admission to the program.


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