My UMN Community is safer because I do my part.  Wash your hands, stay apart, and wear a mask.

On this page:

  • What is COVID-19?
  • UMD Public Health efforts related to COVID-19
  • Links to campus resources on COVID-19

Safe Campus: COVID-19

COVID-19 is a mild to severe respiratory disease caused by a coronavirus and is transmitted through contact. Visit the University of Minnesota Safe Campus website for the lastest Public Health Alert: Coronavirus (COVID-19) information, including information for students returning to campus.

UMD Public Health Efforts

Students are learning concepts in their public health courses and applying them in real world settings.


Alumni are actively working in medical (such as the Mayo Clinic) and governmental locations (such as Carlton County) that are on the front line of COVID-19 efforts.


All faculty, staff, and students are committed to creating a safe environment for a healthy, productive, and successful school year! Read UMD's tips for adjusting our study habits during COVID (PDF).

Poster containing tips to stop help the spread of COVID-19.  Wash your hands, stay apart, and wear a mask.