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MN Professional Educators and Licensing and Standards Board: Minnesota Teacher Licensure Testing Information

When to take exams

Exams should be taken right before student teaching.

  • IESE and UECH students should take immediately following block 3
  • STEP students should take immediately following block 2

Exam cost

$47.50 per subtest

How to register for the exams

Exam Registration Guide

Registration is done online through MTLE. Be sure to indicate UMD as a recipient of your scores.

You can register for your exams online at anytime and must take your exams within a year of registering.  For example, you could go online and register today and schedule your exams for 3 months from now.  If it gets closer to the test date and you are not as ready as you would like you can reschedule as long as it is rescheduled at least 48 hours prior to your test date.

MTLE Exam Structure and Exam Preparation

Each exam includes two subtests. It is recommended that you take the exams right before student teaching.

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Test Preparation

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Integrated Elementary & Special Education

Secondary Education (5-12 & K-12)

Majors that should be taking the Secondary Pedagogy Exams:

  • Art Education
  • Music Education
  • Physical Education
  • Special Education: Academic Behavioral Strategist (5th Year Licensure)
  • Public Health Education & Promotion-School
  • Teaching Communication Arts & Literature
  • Teaching Earth & Space Science
  • Teaching French
  • Teaching German
  • Teaching Life Science
  • Teaching Mathematics
  • Teaching Physical Science­-Chemistry
  • Teaching Physical Science­-Physics
  • Teaching Social Studies
  • Teaching Spanish
  • 9-12 Life Science Post Bac
  • 9-12 Chemistry Post Bac
  • 9-12 Earth & Space Science Post Bac
  • 9-12 Physics Post Bac

Required Exams:

  • Pedagogy:  Secondary Sub-test 1
  • Pedagogy:  Secondary Sub-test 2

Exam Preparation Resources:

Unified Early Childhood Studies

Required Exams:

  • Pedagogy:  Early Childhood Sub-test 1
  • Pedagogy:  Early Childhood Sub-test 2

Exam Preparation Resources: