Out of State Testing

Passing Scores on MTLE Exams

In order to be recommended for an out of state license you MUST meet MN Licensing requirements which includes earning your degree in your teacher preparation program, submitting your edTPA, and passing all of your required MTLE Exams. It is STRONGLY encouraged that if you meet MN License requirements and are planning to teach out of state that you obtain your MN Teaching License and out of state teaching license at the point of program completion. If you choose to only obtain a out of state license, down the road if you return to Minnesota you would be required to meet current MN requirements at the point of licensure. This can mean additional testing, additional coursework, etc.

Out of State Testing Requirements

State Testing requirements and out of state licensure varies from state to state. If you contact the state you are interested in going to prior to graduation you can sometimes take exams concurrently with the MTLE Content and Pedagogy Exams. It is your responsibility to seek out the state educator licensing/educator certification body to learn the out of state licensing requirements and testing requirements. Some states require passing scores on exams prior to licensure and other states will grant a conditional license with a timeline to complete required testing.


  • Go online to Out of State Licensing Wisconsin DPI and look under testing requirements
  • Contact Wisconsin DPI for specific exams aligned with your MN License Area
  • You must have your Wisconsin Exams passed prior to Wisconsin licensure


  • Go Online to: PLACE EXAM or Praxis II
  • Contact Colorado Dept of Ed for exam details and licensure requirements.

North Dakota:

South Dakota:

  • Requires Praxis II
  • Contact South Dakota Department of Education for exam details and licensure requirements.


  • Requires Praxis II
  • Contact Iowa Department of Education for exam details and licensure requirements.


Other states:  Google Search "State and Out of State Teaching License Requirements" to determine the license expectations.