UECH Student Teaching

UECH majors have two different student teaching placements, one in a K-3 general education classroom for 12 weeks and one in an ECSE classroom for 12 weeks. Student teaching placements are made by the Accreditation, Licensure, and Field Experience office after a teacher candidate applies for student teaching. UECH faculty review the teacher candidates application and decide if they will student teach abroad or at a distance site.

Apply for Student Teaching in Tk20

After a student teaching placement is made, teacher candidates are responsible for setting up a readiness meeting with their faculty supervisor and their cooperating teacher. This readiness meeting will be led by the faculty supervisor who will explain responsibilities of all involved.

Faculty supervisors will observe and document a student teacher candidate's progress over the course of the semester.

Teacher candidates must complete the edTPA and upload it to be scored.

Teacher candidates must receive a passing grade from both their faculty supervisor and their cooperating teacher to pass student teaching.


Student Teaching Handbooks: