UECH Field Experience

Due to the fact that the Unified Early Childhood Studies major leads to dual Minnesota licensure in early childhood education (birth through 8) and early childhood special education (birth through 6), two student teaching placements are required.  UECH Students will enroll in a 12 week placement in a general education setting (preschool-3rd grade), and a 12 week placement in one early childhood special education setting (Birth to 2 or ages 3-5 or ages Birth to 5).  International student teaching placements are also available (only in general education the placement).

 UECH Contact:

 Field Placement Requirements for MN State Licensure:


Licensure Area

Birth-Age 8 (Grade 3) Early Childhood

Birth-Age 6 Early Childhood Special Education

Pre-Block Volunteering

Minimum 60 hours experience including 30 hours in Birth-Age 6 and 30 hours in K-Grade 3

Block 1 Field Experience

Field Experience 78 hours Infant/Toddler Family Partnerships (ECSE) 30 hrs

Block 2 Field Experience

Field Experience 70 hours ECSE

Block 3 Field Experience

Field Experience 198 Hours 1 day per week for 8 weeks 4 weeks full time K-3 Grade

Block 4 Field Experience

Student Teaching 12 weeks Early Childhood General Ed Birth-Age 8

Block 5 Field Experience

Student Teaching 12 weeks Early Childhood Special Ed Birth-Age 6

MN State Requirement in statute

UMD field placement must include the following:

Early Childhood:  Must have field experience in school or home based prior to student teaching. Must have experience teaching in 3 levels: infant/toddler, pre school, K-Grade 3.

Early Childhood Special Education:  Must have field experience in teaching children who exhibit a broad range of developmental delays or disabilities in infant or toddler, preschool, and primary (kindergarten and grade 1) settings across a range of service delivery models.