Education Studies

Education Studies, Bachelor of Arts Degree


The Department of Education has established a Bachelor of Arts degree plan for teacher candidates who have been admitted into the UMD Education blocks, have completed a majority of block courses and decide that completing all the license requirements does not best align with their professional long term goals. 

Note: Pre-block students are not eligible for this degree program plan and programs will not entertain program applications with this degree plan identified.

This degree does not lead to a Minnesota Tier 3 teaching license.  It is highly advised that teacher candidates who are considering the possibility of teaching complete all licensure requirements and finish the teaching major requirements.

Degree Requirements

Education Studies Requirements

  • The Education Studies degree has a common core requirement of 23-31 credits
  • In addition to the core, you will need to choose an emphasis to the Education Studies degree (choose one):
    • Early Childhood and Early Childhood Special Education (20 credits)
    • Elementary and Special Education (20 credits)
    • Secondary Education (20 credits)
  • Must meet the minimum 120 credits required for graduation.
  • This major does not require a minor to be declared.

Considerations Before Changing

  • While questioning their entrance into the teaching profession some teacher candidates may seek to change their major to Education Studies. Commonly, a teacher candidate graduates with Education Studies and seeks employment in a public school (paraprofessional, after-school program coordinator, etc). Inspired by these experiences, the teacher candidate then seeks guidance for obtaining a Minnesota teaching license. Take a moment to reflect and openly discuss this scenario with your advisor or program coordinator.
  • Connect with your advisor and program coordinator (IESE-Dr. Jennifer Frisch, STEP-Dr. CW Johnson, UECH- Dr. Eric Torres) to determine if it is in your best interest to stay declared as your teaching major or change to Education Studies.
  • Connect with Lisa Kittelson in CEHSP Accreditation, Licensing & Field Experience Office to discuss license implications of this decision.
  • Schedule a meeting with a UMD Career Counselor to explore careers and majors.
  • Reflect on how this major change will impact you today, in 5 years, in 10 years, etc.

Professional Development Plan (PDP) Pathway to Degree

  • If faculty identify a concern regarding a teacher candidate’s performance in courses, field experiences, and/or dispositions the program will establish a professional development plan (PDP) with the teacher candidate. The PDP outlines expectations to be met in order for the teacher candidate to continue in their teaching major.  If the teacher candidate fails to meet the PDP outlined expectations, the teacher candidate will be asked to drop their teaching major and consider changing to Education Studies.  
  • PDP Returning Student Policy:  Education Studies graduates will not be eligible for admission into the UMD Post Bachelor’s Teacher License program with an unmet professional development plan.