Community College Teaching Graduate Certificate


The Community College Teaching Graduate (Post-baccalaureate) Certificate provides an opportunity for post-baccalaureate students to learn how to be effective teachers in a college setting.  This program is delivered primarily via the classroom, meaning instruction is face-to-face, and consists of 14 to 16 credits.  For more information see the University Catalog.

Student Handbook


EDSE 5204  - Designing Learning Environments

A comprehensive course that describes the characteristics of effective teachers, introduces teaching strategies using the Universal Backward Design framework, how to design effective learning environments, how to develop goals and action plans, manage data, review student work, plan lessons, and teach with technology.
Prereq: Grad student or new faculty at a community college; instructor consent
Credits: 3

EDSE 5501 - Adolescent/Adult Development and Learning Theory

Principles of psychology applied to teaching; examination of adolescent growth and development and classroom management. Graduate students will include adult learning theory in terms of growth and development and how to organize and manage post-secondary classroom.
Prereq: Grad student or faculty at post-secondary institution or instructor consent
Credits: 3

EDSE 5525 - Assessment for Secondary Education

An exploration of topics in responsive and responsible assessment of student learning. Topics include types and appropriate uses of classroom assessment strategies, large-scale and high stakes testing, backwards design, rubrics, checklists, and other evaluative tools and techniques. Graduate students will complete an adult based project to develop a model of assessment to measure adult learners in their classes.
Prereq: graduate student, faculty at community college or instructor consent
Credits: 3

EDSE 5000 - Introduction to Post-Secondary Teaching 

Introduction to Teaching will provide a brief overview of learning theory, student and teacher expectations, development of a syllabus, lesson planning goals, rubrics, assignments, student evaluation/assessment, how to submit grades, online teaching using electronic course platforms, classroom management and other topics pertinent to teaching adult learners. This class will provide support for new graduate teaching assistants and new faculty at community colleges.
Prereq: grad student or community college faculty
Credits: 2

EDSE 5xxx

Content focused; Advisor prior approval required.
Credits: 3-4


  • Applicants must have completed a bachelor’s degree with a GPA of at least 3.0.
  • Apply for admission fall or spring semester.


Complete the application for admission form before completing the required coursework. Applications are submitted to the University of Minnesota Graduate School online application system. Because the application system is used across the U of MN campuses by various graduate programs, not all parts of the application are required. The application fee for U.S. applicants and permanent residents is $75 and $95 for international applicants.

  1. View this document for application instructions.
  2. Access the graduate application system to create and submit an application.

 If you have questions about the application process, please contact Brianne Vigen at [email protected] or 218-726-6525.

Certificate Completion

Completion Form

  • This form is submitted when a student enrolls in the last course of the certificate requirements and is required for certificate completion. 

Tuition and Fees

For more information on Certificate Programs in general, please see One Stop.

If you have questions about this certificate, contact Brianne Vigen at [email protected]

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Dr. Insoon Han

Graduate Program Coordinator

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