Tier 3 License

Tier 3 License

Licenses issued starting July 1, 2018 and forward:

License Requirements

License Valid/Renewal

License Notes:

  • Bachelor's Degree Earned

  • Completion of Teacher Preparation Expectations

  • Passed Content & Pedagogy Exams

  • License Valid:  3 years
  • Can be renewed indefinitely.
  • See below for renewal expectations
  • License can be used any with district.

  • Can be used for the following teaching assignments:  full time classroom teacher (aligned with license), short-call sub, long term sub (aligned with license).

How to Apply for a  Tier 3 License:

Application Processing:

  • The Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board will have all license applications processed within 30 days of receiving the application materials with UMD recommendation and the returned background check results from the background check agency.
  • PELSB will no longer be processing license expedites with districts.
  • Processing estimation time by graduation term:
    • Fall Graduates:  Degrees are awarded January-February + PELSB BCA background check processing 1-2 weeks + PELSB 30 day processing window.
    • Spring Graduates:  Degrees are awarded May-June + PELSB BCA background check processing 1-2 weeks + PELSB 30 day processing window.
    • You cannot assume accept the role of teacher of record until your license has been awarded by PELSB.

Teacher License Renewal

At the end of your 3 year period you will have the option to renew the Tier 3 license again or renew to the Tier 4 license depending meeting license requirements:

  • PELBE License Renewal Website
  • Renewal to Tier 4 requires 75 clock hours outlined on the Tier 3 license renewal requirement fact sheet + evidence of passing the PELSB approved Reading, Writing, & Math basic skills exam (PELSB approved Basic Skills Options)  + 3 years of teaching experience in a MN public school + most recent summative evaluation did not result in an improvement plan.

The renewal process will happen with a school district re-licensure committee.
*If employed in a district you will work with that districts re-licensure committee. 
*If not employed in a district, you will need to outreach to school district where living and establish a relationship with that re-licensure committee.