ACT Plus Writing Exam

ACT Plus Writing

For admission into the University of Minnesota Duluth students are required to complete either the ACT or SAT. It is important to be sure that when you take the ACT exam in high school that you take the optional writing portion as this component is required by the MN Professional Educators and Licensing and Standards Board to exempt a candidate from taking the required MTLE Basic Skills Exam.

Required Passing Scores

  • Taken September 2015 forward
    • Composite score of a 22 or higher
    • ELA subtest subset score of a 21 or higher
  • Taken February 2005 to September 2015
    • Composite score of a 22 or higher
    • English/Writing subtest score of a 21 or higher

Accessing Scores

It is required that you maintain your official score report from ACT to utilize for licensing if your most up to date scores were not reported to UMD. Because UMD Requires an ACT or SAT Score for admission we should have these on file in our student record system, PeopleSoft. If you were a transfer student coming into UMD providing ACT or SAT scores is voluntary.
You can view your ACT scores online.

If you do not meet the required minimum scores above you have the option of retaking the ACT Plus Writing OR taking the SAT OR taking the MTLE Basic Skills Exam (Reading, Writing and Math).

ACT Retake Policy

  • No wait period between retakes, cannot take the ACT more than 12 times.
  • If a candidate takes the ACT PLUS Writing Exam and scores a 21 or higher on their English/Writing or ELA but does not score a 22 or higher on their composite score they can retake the ACT Exam without the Writing Portion to obtain a composite score of a 22 or higher and use a combination of combined scores.

ACT Plus Writing Exam Structure

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