Katt Bongar Hoban

Katt Bongar
Professional Title
Assistant Professor

Katt Bongar Hoban, PhD, LGSW, joined UMD in Fall 2020. She completed her PhD in Sociology at the University of California, Irvine, and her MSW at the University of Chicago. Katt is enthusiastic about research pertaining to social movements, collective action, and cultural transformation using interview and document analysis methods. Her current research projects examine (a) horizontal decision making in American and German social movements and (b) corporate and non-profit organizations' responses to the Black Lives Matter movement. As an educator, Katt strives to nurture an inclusive and participatory learning environment. Her primary aim is to support the development of critically-thinking and anti-oppressive social workers who are prepared to skillfully work towards social change. As a practicing social worker, Katt has years of experience as a community organizer and a youth worker, developing and managing youth programs.