Maren Friemann (she/her/hers)

Maren Friemann sitting at a potter's wheel
Professional Title
CEHSP Peer Advisor

Year in School: Senior
Major: Teaching Social Studies, Geography subplan
Minor: Art, International Studies, and Environment, Sustainability, & Geography (ESG)
Certificate: Theatre Design & Production Certificate
Hometown: Baxter, MN

Involvement on campus

  • CEHSP Peer Advisor
  • Secretary of Mud Guild
  • Member of Bulldog Yoga Club
  • Member of SERVE
  • Member of YOUMatter
  • Former president/current officer of She’s The First
  • Always looking for more ways to be involved!

Fun fact about you

I love storytelling! I am always writing and drawing and would love to work on creative projects in the future; I used to want to be an animator. I am probably most known for my clay sculptures right now. I hope to carry this creativity into my teaching practice and make education a more engaging experience.

Why are you excited to be a Peer Advisor?

I love being a peer advisor because as the first one in my family to go to a four year university, I have absolutely been that confused student. Through my years at UMD I’ve learned a lot about the process and I hope that the bits of knowledge I’ve picked up along the way will be of use to someone else in their college journey! College can be stressful—students should never have to figure it out alone.

What is your favorite thing about UMD?

I think many will see that the heart of UMD is its community, and that is what I am sure I will miss the most when I graduate! There are so many ways to become involved and meet new friends. Campus has definitely become a second home over the years.