Naomi Brecht (she/her/hers)

Naomi Leedahl
Professional Title
CEHSP Peer Advisor

Year in School: Senior
Major: Interdisciplinary Studies: Storytelling through the Arts
Minor: Digital Writing, Literature, & Design
Hometown: Starbuck, MN

Involvement on campus

  • CEHSP Peer Advisor
  • Member of University Honors
  • Dramaturg - UMD Theatre Department
  • Fundraising Coordinator for Stage 2 Theatre Company

Fun facts about you

  • Zodiac: Cancer Sun, Capricorn Moon, Sagittarius Rising
  • Myers-Briggs: ENFJ (The Protagonist)
  • Enneagram Type: 2 w 3
  • Clifton Strengths: Empathy, Input, Maximizer, Futuristic, Strategic
  • I have a puppy named Griffin (he’s a Pisces) and I love him more than life itself. He’s the snortiest, snuggliest, littlest Boston Terrier you ever did meet :)
  • Favorite Children’s Book: “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus” by Mo Willems
  • Favorite ‘-ism’: Transcendentalism

Why are you excited to be a Peer Advisor?

I am excited to be a part of students’ journeys through their education! I think it’s really exciting to navigate and discover the multitude of routes folks can take to study what best fits their individualized interests, goals, and values. I’m happy to be able to help students in any way through that process to find their passions! Also the advisors are pretty cool and it’s fun to hang out with them :)

What is your favorite thing about UMD?

My favorite aspect of UMD is how many opportunities students have to get involved and gain the experience they’re looking for. The faculty/staff are so approachable and willing to help students grow upon and find new interests, utilize resources, connect to programs, student organizations, and even opportunities in the Duluth community.