Rachel Miller (she/her/hers)

Professional Title
CEHSP Peer Advisor

Year in School: Senior
Major: Psychology
Minor: Biology
Hometown: Glen Elder, Kansas

Involvement on campus

  • CEHSP Peer Advisor
  • Worship and Leadership Team in Chi Alpha Campus Ministries
  • Member of University Honors
  • Departmental research involvement
  • Psychology Student Representative of CEHSP Technology Council 
  • Duluth Student Representative of UMN Senate Governance: Social Concerns Committee
  • Member of Psi Chi Honors Society

Fun fact about you

I lived in Duluth for the first year of my life, but my family moved to a very small town in North Central Kansas, and that is where I ended growing up! Both of my parents and eldest brother attended UMD as well, and my family has now moved back to Duluth.

Why are you excited to be a peer advisor?

The CEHSP advising office is special to me. I frequently visited the office during my first year of college. The Academic and Peer advisors always created a welcoming atmosphere, and I left feeling less stressed and more confident in my academic path than before. Being a peer advisor is exciting and important because I love helping others, especially when it is related to educational guidance. Additionally, I believe in giving back in ways that benefit others when I have already received generous amounts of advice and services from others. My goal is to help my peers the same way I received help during periods of confusion, frustration, tears, and even joy. Also, go dogs!

What is your favorite thing about UMD?

My favorite thing about UMD is the faculty members I have been able to connect with. I find it inspiring that faculty are so supportive of student research; they genuinely want to see the students succeed not only for the sake of the school but also for the student's growth. Overall, I am beyond grateful for being in CEHSP because of the overwhelming sense of community I have received and seen throughout my academic career so far!