Required Courses

The Ed.D. degree consists of a minimum of 76 credits:

  • Core required courses - 37 credits
  • Supporting program - 15 credits (minimum)
  • Project Credits (Educ 8888 - 24 credits)

Class Meeting Schedule

Fall classes generally meet the second weekend (Saturday and Sunday) of each month, September through December and and Spring classes generally meet the first weekend (Saturday and Sunday) of each month February through April, unless there is a conflict with the UMD break schedule.

Core Courses

Core courses are delivered using a hybrid model of face-to-face and online delivery, depending on the nature of each course.

Year 1 (17 Credits)

Summer SemesterOrientation
EDUC 8001 - Historical, Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education3
Fall SemesterEDUC 8007 - Research on Knowledge & Learning in Education3
EDUC 8009 - Distance Education: From Theory into Practice3
EDUC 8020 - Doctoral Seminar1
Spring SemesterEDUC 8005 - Curriculum: Theory into Practice3
EDUC 8003 - Educational Policy3
EDUC 8020 - Doctoral Seminar1

Year 2 (20 Credits)

Summer SemesterEDUC 8015 - Research Design3
EDUC 7005 - Teaching and Learning in a Systems Context3
Fall SemesterEDUC 8018 - Advanced Statistical Methods3
EDUC 8017 - Theory and Practice of Quantitative Research Methods3
EDUC 8020 - Doctoral Seminar1
Spring SemesterEDUC 8021 - Theories, Principles, and Methodology of Assessment in Organizational Systems3
EDUC 8016 - Theory and Practice of Qualitative Research Methods3
EDUC 8020 - Doctoral Seminar1

Year 3 (12 Credits)

Summer SemesterSupporting Field [if necessary]6
Fall SemesterWritten Preliminary Exam
Supporting Field3
Spring SemesterOral Preliminary Exam
Supporting Field 3

Year 4 (27 Credits)

Summer SemesterSupporting Field3
Fall SemesterEDUC 8888 - Project12
Spring SemesterEDUC 8888 - Project12
Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) Degree with Major in Teaching and Learning