Holds on your UMD account appear in your MyU as a yellow number at the triangle on the top right of your MyU:

screenshot of 4 icons found in MyU: grey envelope, grey triangle with exclamation point, yellow circle with a 1, and a grey flag

Holds can prevent you from registering, requesting a transcript, or receiving your diploma. They may be placed on your account to require you to meet with your advisor, as a reminder you need to pay your bill, or even letting you know a library book is overdue. 

When you see a yellow number at the triangle, click on it to see the title of your hold. Click on the title to see more information about how to get the hold removed.

CEHSP Hold Codes

  • AMR: Advising Meeting Required
  • P1, P2, or P3: Academic Probation
  • PW: Academic Warning
  • HX: Dismissal
  • CSD, EDU, PSY, HPR: Departmental Holds

Academic Standing