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CEHSP Registration Resources

Advising & Academic Services

The name of your academic advisor(s) appears on your APAS Report. Consult your advisor each semester to discuss your goals & plans.  Have a question but don't know who to ask?  Call, stop-by, or email the CEHSP Advising & Academic Services office for help.

APAS Report

This is your official record, showing your grades, gpa, courses completed, courses in progress, required courses, courses that have transferred in, and other graduation requirements.   

Career Exploration 

You'll find a wealth of resources on the Major & Career Exploration page, including "What Can I Do With This Major?", the Occupational Outlook Handbook, Fastest Growing Occupations lists, assessments to learn more about yourself, and how to find credible sources of information on careers.

Class Schedule and Course Search

Look up which classes are being offered for the semester you are registering for and add them to your registration "shopping cart".

Course Descriptions

Can't tell from the title if a class is right for you?  Read the description to find out and also see typical semesters offered and any pre-requisite requirements.

Graduation Planner

Plan out your courses from now through graduation.

How To Guides

Step-by-step instructions for common tasks related to student enrollment, waitlists, registration issues, finances, and personal information.

Liberal Education Requirements

A clickable list of all the classes you can choose from for each liberal education category. Click on a class to read a description, semesters typically offered, and pre-requisites.


A clickable list of all the majors at UMD. Click on a major to find out a description and all of the courses required. You can also click on a sample plan in the right side column.


Clickable lists of minors at UMD. Click on a minor to see a description and courses required.

Math Placement

Find out what math classes you can take, based upon your Math ACT score


This is your personalized landing page.  Click on the Registration tab to see your personal registration date and time.  You can also see your schedule, register for classes, add/drop classes, search for classes, and check to see if you have any holds.

Minnesota Transfer Curriculum

If you completed the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum at another Minnesota school, you do not need to do UMD's liberal education requirements.  If you plan to transfer from UMD to another Minnesota school, if you complete the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum at UMD, you won't need to do the liberal education (general education) requirements at the new school.

Registration Planning Sheet

Use this Google Doc to plan out your courses before you register.  Save, download, or print a copy for your personal use.

Schedule Builder

This is a handy tool for automatically find all of the possible class schedule combinations for the set of classes you wish to take.


Find a class at another school that transfers to UMD and vice versa.

Weekly Planning Calendar

This sheet shows all 168 hours of the week and is useful for planning out your classes and to create a time management plan.