TEFL Certificate Sample Plan

Year One
Fall Semester Spring Semester
EDUC 3100 (3 cr.) EDUC 4050 (2 cr.; pre-req EDUC 3100)
EDUC 3211 (3 cr.; pre-req EDUC 3100)
EDUC 4099 (1 cr.; pre-req EDUC 3211 or EDUC 3311 or concurrent registration and instructor consent) 
Year Two
Fall Semester Spring Semester
EDUC 3330 (3 cr.; pre-req EDUC 3100)  

Time to Completion: teo academic years; minimum of three semesters

Ready to Begin?
Apply now. You must have at least 30 credits to apply to the certificate program. Complete your TEFL Certificate application once you have completed EDUC 3100, Bilingualism & Biliteracy Development: Foundations of Second Language Acquisition. Ideally, you should apply to the certificate before you register for the remaining courses in the certificate program. The latest you can apply is before your last semester.

Finishing up your TEFL Certificate?
Apply to graduate. Once approved for graduation, you will receive a diploma in the mail. The diploma will arrive within one to two months.