TESOL & Multilingual Education Minor Sample Plan

Year One
Fall SemesterSpring Semester
LING 1811 (3 cr.; also offered Spring and Summer)Electives (6 cr.)
Year Two
Fall SemesterSpring Semester
EDUC 3100 (3 cr.; pre-req LING 1811)EDUC 3330 (3 cr.; pre-req EDUC 3100)
EDUC 4050 (2 cr.; pre-req EDUC 3100)
Year Three
Fall SemesterSpring Semester
EDUC 3311 - English Language Learner (ELL) Teaching Methods or EDUC 3211 - Teaching English as a Foreign Language Theory and Methods (3 cr.; pre-req EDUC 3100)
EDUC 4099 (1 cr.; pre-req EDUC 3211 or EDUC 3311 or concurrent registration and instructor consent)

Time to Completion: three academic years; minimum of four semesters

Ready to Begin?
We recommend completing EDUC 3100, Bilingualism & Biliteracy Development: Foundations of Second Language Acquisition before you declare the minor.