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Kamal Gindy Peer Advising

Peer advising is a friendly resource for psychology majors and psychology minors to get answers to their questions about classes, scheduling, graduate school preparation, and the benefits of being a psychology major. Stop by and meet us. We are located in Bohannon Hall room 322.  Advisors are willing to meet with you on campus or by email if needed. Please feel free to walk in and ask for one of the peer advisors. We’ll be glad to answer your questions or help you to find resources around campus to answer them.

Peer advisors can help you through the roller coaster ride of college experience by helping with questions about your classes, clubs and activities, Graduation Planner, APAS report, and more!

Peer Advising Office Hours will begin on Wednesday, January 13th. 

Meet the 2015-16 Peer Advisors

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00 - 9:50 Jillian Hujanen
10:00 - 10:50 Benedicth Ukhueduan Benedicth Ukhueduan Abbey Nelson
11:00 - 11:50 Deanna Draz Meeting Abbey Nelson Logan Dwyer
12:00 - 12:50 Deanna Draz Jessica Goertzen Jillian Hujanen Logan Dwyer
1:00 - 1:50 Kirstin Nelson Jessica & Megan Kirstin Nelson Jessica Goertzen Megan Mrkonjich
2:00 - 2:50 Megan Mrkonjich
3:00 - 3:50

NEW - Online Peer Advising:

Online office hours will be on Tuesdays and Thursday from 5-6 PM. I will be online during that time. Feel free to send me, Kyle Bernier, an email (, start an instant messenger chat, or a video call.

For students without a email, they can email or start a chat. 

Below is a video call direct link:

If you do not want to start a video call, you may start an instant messenger chat. To start a chat, go to search bar on left side of screen. Make sure you are set to "available" by clicking on your profile image. Type in my name, hover over it, and go to "chat."

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Become a Peer Advisor?

  • You will need to complete an application including references
  • You need Junior or Senior status
  • You need to be willing to help others through advising and tutoring as needed during office hours.
  • Three hours per week of effort are required for each credit. (This includes two office hours per week and one additional hour for the biweekly meeting, or recruitment of advisees prior to registration).
  • You need to be willing to attend training sessions and biweekly meeting at 11:00am on Tuesdays.
  • You will need to sign a confidentiality agreement.
  • You will need a permission number to add Psy 3991-001 to your class schedule.

What are the benefits of being a peer advisor?

  • You have Interaction with faculty, student affairs personnel, and peers.
  • You have opportunities to practice helping skills.
  • You gain increased knowledge of the psychology program and graduation requirements.
  • You can sign up for 1 credits in a semester under Psy 3991 (4 credits maximum will count toward graduation)
  • You gain applied psychology experience and an understanding of advising procedures.

 How Can Peer Advisors Help Me?

  • By providing scheduling and class information
  • By sharing knowledge of opportunities available in the psychology program
  • Through helping you to understand the requirements of a psychology major or minor
  • By providing assistance in goal setting
  • With referrals to faculty in your area of interest
  • By providing tutoring in psychology subjects
  • By being a confidential advocate to help you succeed

Where can I locate the peer advisors?

  • Located in Bohannon Hall room 322.
  • Peer advisors are available to meet at the times listed above on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Peer advisors may be reached by email at
  • The phone number for the Peer Advising Office is 218- 726- 6215
  • Carol Kivi is the faculty advisor: