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UMD Campus Governance Assignments

Committee CEHSP Representative Term Expiration
Assessment Committee Eric Hessler June 30, 2018
Lynette Carlson June 30, 3019
Athletics Committee Chuck Fountaine June 30, 2018
Faculty Council TBA June 30, 2019
Molly Harney June 30, 2018
Information Technology & Library Committee Helen Mongan-Rallis June 30, 2017
Liberal Education Committee Ken Gilbertson
June 30, 2019
John Keener
June 30, 2018
Facilities Committee TBA June 30, 2019
Research & Scholarship Committee Bob Lloyd
June 30, 2019
Strategic Planning & Budget Committee Chris Lake June 30, 2019
Mark Nierengarten
June 30, 2019
Teaching & Learning Committee Julie Slowiak June 30, 2017
Rick LaCaille June 30, 2018

CEHSP Committees

Senate Executive Committee

Member Represents (elected by departments for two-year terms; may serve two consecutive terms) Term Expiration
Jill Pinkney Pastrana Dean
Lynn McGraw Civil Service Staff June 30, 2017
Lynda John Communication Sciences and Disorders June 30, 2016
David McCarthy/Jane Carlson Education June 30, 2016
Jim Knapp Applied Human Sciences June 30, 2017
Keith Young Psychology June 30, 2017
Wendy Anderson Social Work June 30, 2016

Administrative Leadership Council

Member Represents
Jill Pinkney Pastrana Dean
Fay Maas Associate Dean
Lynn Hegrenes Administrative Director
Sue Siverson Senior Office Supervisor
Mark Mizuko Communication Sciences and Disorders
Lynette Carlson Communication Sciences and Disorders
Lynda John CEHSP Senate
Jane Carlson Education
Mark Nierengarten Applied Human Sciences
Scott Carlson Psychology
Keith Young CEHSP Senate
Priscilla Day Social Work
Jim Amell CEHSP Social Justice
Danny Frank CEHSP Social Justice
Jennifer Berges Development Director
Rick Smith American Indian Learning Resource Center
Jennifer Johnson Children's Place
Susan Darge Lombardo Advising and Academic Services
Jeff Maas Language Nest
Meredith Schneider CEHSP IT Professional
John Geissler Boulder Lake Program Director
David McCarthy CEHSP Senate
Wendy Anderson CEHSP Senate
Lynn McGraw CEHSP Senate
Diane Rauschenfels Education
Faith Loven Communication Sciences and Disorders
Alexandra Luong Psychology
Jim Knapp CEHSP Senate

UROP Selection Committee

Member Represents (appointed by departments for one-year term; may serve consecutive terms) Term Expiration
Dana Collins Communication Sciences and Disorders June 30, 2016
Insoon Han Education June 30, 2016
Chuck Fountaine Applied Human Sciences June 30, 2016
Bob Lloyd Psychology June 30, 2016
Abel Knochel Social Work June 30, 2016