Alumni: John Nelson

john nelson

Dr. John A. Nelson completed his bachelor degree at the University of Minnesota Duluth and his master degree in Audiology at the University of South Carolina. In 1998, he earned his PhD degree in Speech & Hearing Sciences at the University of Iowa with a focus on psychoacoustics, amplification, and digital signal processing. He has held a faculty appointment at the University of Texas in Austin and was a research audiologist at the Veterans’ Affairs Medical Center.

John is currently Vice President of Global Audiology at GN Hearing and is based in Glenview, IL, USA. He leads a global team of audiologists with the focus on Training and Education. In this role, he is responsible for the development of training materials and administration of the company’s global education program. John also delivers presentations on amplification systems and audiological rehabilitation at international professional meetings.

Prior to this role, John was the Vice President for Global Marketing Audiology. He joined GN ReSound in 2004 and relocated to Copenhagen, Denmark for three years where he was the Director of Audiology in Research and Development.