Master of Education (M.Ed.) coursework is delivered online. Students take six graduate credits during a semester, excluding summer, to be considered a full-time student. A minimum of 30 semester graduate credits must be completed to fulfill degree requirements. Coursework can be completed over a one year or two year period. All policies relating to degree requirements are detailed in the M.Ed. Student Handbook.

The following are list of potential course offerings:

  • EDUC 7001 Foundations of Education and Research (3 cr)
  • EDUC 7009 Assessment of Learning (3 cr)
  • EDUC 7002 Diversity and Social Justice (3 cr)
  • EDUC 7006 Ethics and Professionalism in Education (3 cr)
  • EDUC 7008 Curriculum Theory and Design (3 cr)
  • EDUC 5230 Indigenous Peoples and the Environment (3 cr)
  • EDUC 7019 Educational Policy and Issues (3 cr)

Cohort Course Schedules

Elective Courses

Elective courses must be taken for graduate credit at a 5000 level or higher and appear on a graduate transcript.  The Education Department offers courses at the 5000 level under the following prefixes: EDUC, SPED, and EDSE. Electives can be taken during any summer, fall, or spring semester, dependent on availability and student schedule. Before registering for elective courses, students should discuss their options with the M.Ed. Director of Graduate Studies.

Transfer Credits

Up to ten graduate credits taken outside of the University of Minnesota system or from other University of Minnesota institutions can be transferred to satisfy elective course requirements. Credits must appear on a graduate transcript and not have been taken before the award of a baccalaureate degree. Please see the M.Ed. Student Handbook for more information. 


Student Experience