The departmental program in Exercise & Rehabilitation Sciences utilizes a solid science foundation as well as applied coursework to prepare students for a range of allied health related graduate possibilities.  The Environmental and Outdoor Education undergraduate program prepares entry-level professionals to work in an array of state and federal parks and interpretative centers. The Master of Environmental Education graduate program was developed to advance practitioners in environmental education (EE) who will take on leadership roles.  Physical Education and Health Education programs prepare prospective teachers to teach in the public schools of Minnesota, the United States or internally.  The Public Health program prepares entry-level practitioners to work in a range of county, state and federal agencies educating and advocating for a healthy populace.  All departmental programs are built upon state and/or nationally articulated professional standards.  Depending upon the program pursued students are typically exposed to significant amounts of applied learning experiences in laboratories, public schools, health programs and agencies, or outdoor and wilderness settings.