Departmental Governance Structure

The department is governed primarily through a) various committees, each with specific roles and responsibilities and b) Committee of the Whole meetings. The individual committees develop program recommendations that are brought to the Committee of the Whole for faculty and staff discussion as well as decision making.

Committee of the Whole Meetings- Department Head, Chair

The Committee of the Whole, which consists of faculty members, department staff, as well as BSW and MSW Student Association representatives, makes key departmental decisions. One of the primary roles of Committee of the Whole meetings is to determine the overall direction of the department. This includes defining and operationalizing the department's mission, goals, and objectives.

Executive Committee- Department Head, Chair

This committee consists of the Department Head, Director of Graduate Studies, BSW Director, Field Director, Director/Associate Director of the UMD Center for Regional & Tribal Child Welfare Studies, as well as the Executive Office and Administration Specialist. It provides consultation to the Department Head on a range of issues, including budgetary matters.

Center for Regional and Tribal Child Welfare Studies Committee

This committee sets overall vision and priorities of the Center and monitors Center activities. Center faculty and staff serve on this committee.

Academic Affairs Committee- Director of Graduate Studies, Chair

Academic Affairs reviews and recommends graduation requirements and academic standards; and develops and monitors curriculum consistent with CSWE accreditation guidelines, including core and required courses. Members are assigned faculty members.

Field Committee- Field Director, Chair

This committee provides ongoing dialogue between field liaisons including discussions of issues related to students' field placements and (field) seminars. In addition, the Field Committee also helps to organizes annual field activities, such as the fall training event for field supervisors as well as the field content of the incoming student orientation(s). Membership includes the Field Director, Associate Field Director and field faculty.

Staff-Department Head Committee- Department Head, Chair

The Staff-Department Head Committee consists of the Department Head, the Executive Office & Administrative Specialist and the Student Support Specialist/Graduate Program Coordinator (GPC). Its primary purpose is to maintain ongoing dialogue between the staff and the Department Head about staff workloads and staff's overall work climate, and to mutually problem-solve around any issues that arise.

Student Affairs Committee- Bachelor of Social Work Director, Chair

Student Affairs reviews, provides input, and recommends policies regarding student issues that are non-academic in nature such as student association business and student concerns and grievances. It aids in reviewing scholarship applications when needed, coordinates student retention and recruitment events, and provides a place to discuss student issues. Members are assigned faculty and staff.

BSW & MSW Admissions Committees:

The MSW Admissions Committee and BSW Admissions Committee review new student applications for admission and make recommendations to admit or deny admission. Members are assigned faculty and staff.

Community Advisory Committee:

The Department of Social Work Community Advisory Committee serves as a liaison between the social work/human service community and the Department of Social Work. The Community Advisory Committee advises the Department regarding the provision of effective social work education and provides feedback to the Department regarding the quality of the programs offered. The membership represents a broad representation of the constituencies served by the Department and includes 8-12 members.