Application for Admission

STEP Block Applications are now closed.

Please check back in January 2024 for information on the next block application window. Contact [email protected] for help with the Tk20 system.

STEP Block Application Eligibility by Major

The following majors are eligible to complete the Block application in the noted semester. If accepted, the student will start the Blocks the following semester.  Alternative application semester exceptions may be given with permission by program and advisor only; consult your advisor.

Block admission applications are due the sixth Friday of each semester, at 4:00 pm, to begin the major program the following semester.


Semester Block Application Due

Starting Semester of Blocks 

Art EducationFall or SpringFall or Spring
Music Education-Instrumental & VocalSpring OnlyFall
Health and Physical EducationFall OnlySpring
Physical EducationFall OnlySpring
Teaching Comm Arts & LitFall OnlySpring
Teaching Earth & Space SciencesSpring OnlyFall
Teaching FrenchSpring OnlyFall
Teaching GermanSpring OnlyFall
Teaching Life ScienceSpring OnlyFall
Teaching MathematicsFall OnlySpring
Teaching Physical Sciences-Chemistry & PhysicsSpring OnlyFall
Teaching Social StudiesSpring OnlyFall
Teaching SpanishSpring OnlyFall

*Alternative application semester exceptions by program and advisor with permission only; consult your advisor.

Selection of Candidates

Acceptance into the Secondary Teacher Education Program is selective.  Students must meet all the admission requirements to be accepted into the Secondary Teacher Education Program.  The number of students admitted to each cohort is limited in order to maintain a high quality program.  To be considered for admission, prospective candidates must complete the application on time in order for the application to be accepted.

Required Application Components

  • Declared teacher education major
  • 2.5 Cumulative GPA, including transfer credit
  • 2.5 Major GPA
  • One Letter of Reference
  • Evidence of 30 hours working with youth
  • Reflective Essay
  • Complete your application to the program into TK20 by the due date (6th Friday of the semester at 4 p.m.)

Application Components to be uploaded into TK20

Block Application Student Instructions

In order to better prepare for your application completion we strongly recommend that you collect these documents as soon as possible.  All documents must be in electronic format  (.pdf, .doc/.docx, .jpg, .png). The Multimedia Hub in KPlz 173 can assist with scanning physical documents into a digital format. When the application period opens, you will then be able to upload these files into your application.

APAS Report or Post Post Bac Contract

  • APAS Report
  • Instructions on how to download the “printer friendly report version”.pdf.  Instructions also guide you through using Adobe Reader’s highlight tool.  Use the highlight tool to indicate the following requirements on your APAS:
    • Cumulative GPA & Major GPA (must be a minimum 2.5, including transfer credit)
    • Cumulative Credits (completed and in progress):  Must be a minimum of 45 credits to apply to Secondary/K-12 Teacher Education Major; and you must have completed 60 credits before you can begin the block coursework.
    • Lower Division Courses (grades must be C- or better)
      • EDUC 1101 must be completed NOT in progress
    • Upper Division Courses (grades must be C- or better)
  • Post Bac Contract
    • Highlight any unmet requirements

Tentative Planner

Download the tentative planner and add the terms in which you plan to be in each block and any outstanding coursework remaining during the blocks. Once completed, make sure to save the tentative planner.

Letter of Recommendation

Your application to the STEP program must include at least one signed letter of recommendation from someone who can speak to your level of responsibility, ability to complete tasks, and ability to work with youth. The person preferably would be a supervisor who has observed you working with youth. Other letters may come from employers, professors, and other people who know you in another context, but they must be able to address such areas as your character, attitudes, and work ethic. Recommendation letters cannot come from relatives.

Documentation of Experience

In your application to the STEP program, you must verify at least 30 hours of working with pre-college age children or youth (age 18 or younger) in a supervised, educational setting. To document your experience, provide a brief signed letter from a supervisor indicating the number of hours you performed as a volunteer or paid work with pre-college age children or youth (age 18 or younger). It may be the case that the total 30 hours were completed in more than one setting. If so, you will need verification from a supervisor in each setting. You may choose to have one of your supervisors write the required letter of recommendation on your behalf. If this is the case, be sure to have this person indicate in the letter the number of hours that you worked directly with youth.

Reflective Essay

As part of your application to the STEP program, you are asked to reflect upon who you are in a diverse world. In your 1-2 page, single-spaced essay, describe how you understand yourself or see yourself in contexts of diversity. You might, for instance, describe experiences you have had in cultures other than your own, relationships with people from cultures other than your own, relationships with people who are differently abled, or experiences with social status. Explain how those experiences and relationships influenced who you understand yourself to be. You should also discuss what you may not yet understand about those who do not share your culture, language, world views, abilities, and/or experiences. Lastly, explain why this sort of reflection is important to becoming a teacher.

Faculty Advisor Review

Prior to submitting your application, you must meet with your faculty advisor to review your application.  During this meeting your advisor will review your application in Tk20 and complete their review form to confirm that you are eligible to apply to the blocks.

Block Admission Notification

Block admission decisions will be sent to students' UMD emails.